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FastGSMFastGSM Refund Policy

FastGSM Refund Policy

Get your money back if we can’t unlock your phone.

FastGSM is happy to offer refunds in the following circumstances:

  • You didn’t order an unlocking service. If you added money to your FastGSM account but didn’t place any orders, we will send the money back to you.
  • We failed to provide the unlock code. If you placed an order and we were unable to provide an unlock code for your phone, we will refund you the price of the service.
  • The unlocking service failed to work. If you received an unlock code but it failed to unlock your phone (and your phone is not frozen, blacklisted, or physically damaged), we will give you a refund. Note: in this case, we may request video proof of the failure.
  • BE CAREFUL - refund WILL NOT be done if user ordered code or service for the device that does not support unlock by unlock code or its not supported by that service.
  • User must always read Features and Requirements before they order and Unsupported models and text before they submit the IMEI.
  • Specially ordering unlock codes for T-Mobile US or MetroPCS devices if they display "Please use the Device Unlock application to unlock the device" or any CDMA network device (Sprint/Verizon/Boost/TracFone etc.) that is not asking for a code at all WILL NOT be refunded.