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Samsung E2220

Unlock Samsung E2220 via IMEI

Samsung E2220
Samsung Unlock Codes - European Networks (5-120min) 34.99 USD

Unlocking E2220 Without USB Cable

Unlocking Samsung E2220 via IMEI is the easiest way to unlock your E2220 phone. It's as easy as dialing phone number. If you don't have USB cable then this is the right solution to unlock E2220.

What Is The Unlocking E2220 For?

It simply provides you with unique unlock code(s) including the unfreeze code for your Samsung E2220. The codes allows you to dismiss following screens:

SP Lock
Phone Freeze
Network Lock
Invalid SIM Card
SIM card not valid
Phone locked, Return for service
This SIM card can only be used on specific networks
(only one or two of above screens shows up depending on your phone model)

and use your E2220 with different operator SIM card.


    • All Available Unlock Codes
    • Network Unlock Code (NCK)
    • Unfreeze Master Code (MCK)

Samsung E2220 Blacklist Check

Samsung E2220
Blacklist IMEI Check Report 2.99 USD

This service will provide you with online verifiable background history report of any Samsung E2220 to make sure that your E2220 phone is not been recorded as lost & stolen, blacklisted or has insurance claims made against it.

We strongly recommend to perform check of your E2220 phone history. If your phone is blacklisted you will be unable to use the phone on some mobile networks. Make sure your E2220 phone is not blacklisted prior purchase or unlocking.

Your Samsung E2220 serial number (IMEI) will be checked against 50 billion records from 18,000+ law enforcement agencies inc. FBI and network operators from 30+ countries worldwide.


    • Blacklist Check
    • Lost/Stolen Check
    • Insurance Claim Check
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